Giving Back: Goff Orthodontics' Charity Work

Goff Orthodontics Gives Back
Help Brevard familes in need this holiday season by making a donation to the 10th annual KIDZ KLOZET HOLIDAY MEAL FUNDRAISER. Last year we were able to provide 385 Brevard familes a hot holiday meal from Winn Dixie and Walmart, as well as the opportunity for school representatives to go shopping in the Kidz Klozet and choose 2 outfits each for family members. Please consider making a donation to familes in need and help us surpass our goals for 2024! No amount is too small!
In addition to working with local charities and providing sponsorships to athletic and performing arts programs, Dr. Goff extends his philanthropic nature to his community through the Brilliant Smiles Kidz Klozet, a nonprofit organization that he established.

The Kidz Klozet has four components: clothing collection and distribution, financial aid to schools, our Holiday Meals Program, and Violette the Tooth Fairy.

Clothing Collection and Distribution

Through the Kidz Klozet, children are provided with clean clothes and shoes — something that every child should have. Undergarments, toiletries, and gently worn clothes and shoes are accepted at any of our four locations for distribution to Brevard’s less fortunate children.

Financial Aid to Schools

Dr. Goff provides monetary contributions to almost 30 public and private schools. These financial resources are for teachers to use at their discretion for student enrichment and achievement recognition programs. The number of schools that receive aid continues to grow each year!

Holiday Meals Program

During the school year, thousands of children depend on their school to provide them with, in many instances, their only meals of the day. What happens when schools are closed during the holidays?

The Kidz Klozet is here to provide a Christmas dinner to less fortunate children in the Brevard County school system. We work on partnering with schools, donors, and volunteers to distribute family dinners throughout Brevard County.

Violette the Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy Program is an interactive program for children pre-K through second grade. Its focus is on teaching children how to take care of their teeth and how to be junior dentists through song and dance. As an added benefit, the program provides teachers with one unit of teaching and a unit of physical activity time they are required to provide their students. This program is provided to all schools at no charge.

Please feel free to ask any of our staff about the Brilliant Smiles Kidz Klozet or check us out on our Facebook page @brilliantsmileskidzklozet. If you wish to make a donation, you may do so in the office or through our PayPal account. Your contribution is 100% tax deductible; and since there are no administrative fees, all of the donated funds go to the set-up and purchase of supplies and meals.
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